The latest Simeiyue product to be released to advanced vapers is their SMY Star RBA, a sub ohm tank for high-watt users. It’s a little different visually from the rest in ways that are all superficial while, at heart, this is another RTA like most $20 offerings.

Odd Aesthetic Elements

Something about the Star has me puzzled. Perhaps it’s the orange O-rings: I have seen blue, red, and black, but never orange. The famous Volcano vaporizer, the Plenty, Crafty, and Mighty by Storz & Bickel all feature orange accents so for me, orange is the Storz & Bickel color.

SMY Star

A heavy, ridged drip tip and 22 mm dimensions appear wide and heavy here with the short 2-ml capacity of its tube. Other textural elements run in different directions, defeating any hopes of creating a streamlined appearance. Simeiyue creates a stouter final picture than I generally notice on other 2-ml rebuildable tank atomizers.

Flexible Capacity

While 2 ml is not much e juice, the Star really is a star when it comes to resistance. Handle a low of 0.15 ohms using Ni200 coils for temperature control vaping. Select a device with 60W maximum output instead of TC vaping. The Start comes fitted with a 0.3-ohm coil head made from 316 Stainless Steel which is one of the top materials available. SMY places control squarely in the hands of vapers but also seeks to give them the best quality.

Designed in the US

Simieyue’s SMY line of mods featuring 60W and even 260W of power is made in China. Their latest tank, however, was designed in the USA. Any association with American vaping is always good for business on US soil at least. China considers Americans to have a stronger handle on style.

Adjustable Device

Use the SMY Star RBA on your VW or TC box or tube mod and make changes to vapor production independent of output. The airflow control slot lets you select more or less vapor and a cooler or warmer inhalation. A slot close to the drip tip also affects temperature. As your vaping equipment became more sophisticated, you probably noticed how hot vapor could become; hot enough to burn your tongue, lips, and/or throat. This valve lets some of the hot air escape before you inhale so the experience is safer but also tastier. Really-hot vapor doesn’t taste like much.

View the Constellations

The Star gets its name from an unusual e liquid inlet. This “constellation-style,” as Simeiyue calls it, allows for even e juice uptake to create even more vapor. Imagine still bigger clouds after adjusting heat or watts, choosing an airflow amount, and select e liquid for optimum viscosity. Everything about the SMY Star RBA is designed for covering you in a veil of lovely-smelling white clouds.

Structure and Safety

The SMY Star RBA caps are fashioned from 303 Stainless Steel. This tank can be refilled from the top. The AFC tip was designed to prevent e-liquid explosion, so no spitting. A silver-plated electrode made from copper acts as your electrical rod between tank and mod. Each package contains the atomizer with both caps, a drip tip, two O-rings, a glass tube, and a Nickel 200 coil rated 0.15 ohms.

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