Sigelei has designed a tank they feel sure you will want to combine with Sigelei vape mods.

If you own a 90W Plus, the brand new T150, their 75W mod, or the Fuchai 200W, then a Sigelei Ares Tank will work perfectly with your electronics. Sigelei had the Fuchai in mind specifically, but that’s just a guideline for pairing. The Ares is flexible.

The Sigelei Ares Tank

Sigelei Ares

A 4.8-ml glass tank is roomy: a little bigger than a Kanger Subtank Mini (and wider at 24 mm) without becoming a giant. You can fill it from the top, though, so if 4.8 ml doesn’t last you very long just keep topping up and you will not have to remove the tank from your box mod more than once daily to clean it.

Stacked Airflow Control

Airflow control is usually managed via a series of horizontally-oriented holes or one long valve which you gradually close or open. On the bottom part of a Sigelei Ares you will notice three double airflow control valves. You also have the option to control juice release. Sigelei gives vapers the opportunity to control vaping precisely, creating a customized experience each time you power-up.

Taking Care of your Lips

The Sigelei Ares comes with a wide bore tip insulated on the inside. Insulation material is not pretty or elegant: its function is to prevent vapers from feeling the burn of hot vapor as it pours out of the top piece. Like all parts of the Ares, this piece comes off. Not everyone prefers the wide format but you can’t please all vapers all the time. Replace it with a narrower version or even a material you find more comfortable to press down on.

Taking the Ares Apart

Sigelei wants vapers to own their experience but also to own a device that is going to last. Some things wear out: coils, for instance. You can’t help wearing even Nickel 200 and Titanium coils down every few weeks with the heat you are applying. It’s a good thing they are removable and the whole thing comes apart. That way you can prevent wear in other parts of the tank. Keep valves, connections, and threads clean and the Ares will provide months or perhaps years of marvelous service working as it did from the start even after your top-notch mod has bought the farm.

Ares Coils

Sigelei Ares coils are available in 0.5-ohm Kanthal and Ni200. Use this wide device with all Sigelei mods, switching out coils to accommodate electronic output. The better coils are what you want for a Fuchai and also TC (temperature control) vaping but 0.5-ohm Kanthal is suitable at mid-level output. Use these when your mod of choice is the compact Sigelei 30W Mini or a 40W Mini Book.

More from Sigelei

They aren’t as well known for tanks as for mods but where electronics are concerned, vapers can be sure of a winning start with this reliable brand. The Fuchai 200W is especially impressive with temperature control and variable wattage modes, protective firmware, and removable batteries (sold separately). The red box is truly eye catching, especially a pattern of grooves around function buttons. Vape down to 0.05 ohms with Ni200 coils at a maximum of 572F.

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