The Kanger Subtank Plus is not just another tank; it is a hybrid. In other words, this is a rebuildable tank atomizer or RTA: similar to a tank with replaceable heads, except for additional features.

Additional Features

Certain elements of this star sub ohm tank by Kanger are fairly general, like the airflow control valve. Kanger upgraded theirs with the latest versions of their Subtank but this is a standard sub ohm piece found in all similar devices. Customers are right to anticipate high quality from Kanger’s style, however.

Subtank Plus

Also, Many of the top brands of vape mod tanks now contain organic cotton. Although this would be preferable in every product owing to the purity of organic cotton from Japan, it’s especially important with a Variable Watt, sub ohm tank like the Kanger Plus.

You are going to be firing your mod at high temperatures capable of releasing anything nasty that might be lurking in the depths of pesticide-treated cotton or materials coated in chemicals. Organic material adds no residue to vapor or your lungs. The Kanger Subtank Plus is fitted with OCC coils.

Customers can take the whole thing apart and that’s fairly usual: The Aerotank and Protank can be dismantled for thorough cleaning. Kanger’s Subtank Plus, however, works with a rebuildable atomizer head.

Unexpected Extras

For starters, that RBA head is the part you usually see on dripping atomizers; a space waiting for the vaper to choose his style of coils wrap and material. That’s why it’s known as an RTA or Hybrid Tank. Vape like an expert with the Kanger Subtank Plus.

The coil head is a little different from competitors’ designs too. It has an unusual shape: square instead of round or elliptical. Kanger claims this provides more surface area for heating and a longer life for your coils. Flavor is superior too.

A Top Vaping Experience

While there are other tanks which operate effectively at similar wattage levels and also come with RBAs and organic cotton coils, the Subtank Plus is definitely an improvement over and superior to previous Kanger tanks; even their best examples.

Kanger’s Aerotank and Protank have been staples of the vaping industry for a few years because of their quality, a quality their manufacturer has now surpassed. Although there are comparable tanks in this category such as the Melo 2 and SMOK TFV4, the Subtank Plus is evidence that Kanger hasn’t stopped inventing and improving their products. This is an excellent product for the money.

Features in Detail

Without the drip tip this is still a huge tank holding 7 ml of e liquid and measuring 25 mm in diameter. It is therefore best suited to larger mods like 100w to 200w boxes, not 18650 cylindrical devices with their slender dimensions (usually 22 mm). Lengthwise it’s 55.6 mm approximately, so add that long, narrow tip and you’re looking at a formidable tank.

Its 510 threading connector allows you to partner the Subtank Plus with a Kanger sub ohm device such as the KBox (its original purpose), a Pegasus by Aspire, or the Sigelei Fuchai 200w. As long as you don’t fit it to a skinny box mod and red O-rings don’t clash with the color of your device, it’s sure to look right.

The RTA kit comes with two coil heads rated for low and sub ohms: 1.2 ohms and 0.5 ohms, respectively. With the RBA deck, you can wrap coils as you like. Kanger has released numerous pre-built alternatives to the original coils so you can use their massive tank with temperature control devices.

Build Strength

The tank is made from tough glass so you enjoy pure flavor but not the frustration of brittle material. This also allows the owner to fill up with e juices notorious for cracking other materials or causing them to cloud up. The hardware is made from stainless steel which protects the glass to some extent and also prevents wear from showing up. Your threads remain smooth for a long time.

Kanger Subtank Plus