With 40- and 60-watt iStick TC mods now available, it’s no wonder Eleaf got on the temperature control bandwagon and designed a TC tank: The Eleaf MELO 2.

This sub-ohm accessory supplies exceptional build quality, very low resistance coils, a convenient refill method, and an attractive design.

This Eleaf tank is bulkier in appearance than a SMOK TCT: wide-looking but just 22 mm in diameter which is the same as a TCT. The Melo 2 holds 4.5 ml of e liquid as opposed to the TCT’s 5.5 ml capacity. Maybe being shorter makes the Melo 2 appear fatter, but not dowdy. Eleaf has still created a lovely, simple, fresh-looking tank.

MELO 2 Atomizer

Sub Ohm Tank Specifications

Eleaf heads are all prefixed with “EC” for “Eleaf Coil”: there is nothing fancy about their product codes. Select from their variety of Ni200, Titanium, and Kanthal coils which allow you to use the Melo 2 with both Variable Watt and TC mods or to change the mode on a device and merely swap the coil rather than changing over to a new tank. The Melo 2 will also work with Aspire Atlantis and Triton coils plus Eleaf iJust 2 coils if you can’t seem to find the size of Melo 2 products you need or the type you want is out of stock. Let a coil expert help you discover compatible coils of assorted resistance.

Vaping Range

With all of this variety, it is possible for consumers to vape at 0.15, 0.3, and 0.5 ohms using pre-built replacements. Set your device at as much as 80w without any problem: The Melo 2 was born to handle the power but also produces dense vapor at lower settings. Sales people have tried the Eleaf Melo 2 TC Sub Ohm tank with assorted vape mods at all kinds of wattage values. They feel this product is best suited to mid-range devices maxing out at 60 watts or when you adjust your mod no further than this with the Melo 2 attached. That’s where flavor is at its peak.

Unusual Refill System

Enjoy the unique and easy Eleaf Melo 2 refill method: dripping into the side. You just dial the top cap a quarter turn, make use of the valve, then lock it again. The internal chimney was created to prevent flooding too. You’ll remove the tank infrequently and wear down threads more slowly.

Dual Airflow Adaptation

There is another valve of course located at the bottom. Airflow control is essential when you are vaping with sub ohm mods. With all of the choices in front of you such as watts, temperature, and resistance, you will want and need to have control over draw, vapor temperature, and vapor production. A Delrin drip tip helps you handle the heat as it insulates tender skin against hot air.

Summary of the Melo 2

Just to recap, Eleaf’s TC tank is only 22 mm wide, so it looks right on a small iStick or an 18650 mechanical mod. The ability to refill from the side eliminates a lot of mess. Airflow adjustment is supplied by two 18 mm x 2 mm valves that are easy to use. Select your dual vertical coil from:

• Kanthal for 0.3 ohms and up to 80 watts (this one is already installed)
• Titanium for 0.5-ohm TC vaping
• Nickel 200, 0.15, also for TC vaping

The two latter coils are included with the Melo 2 package. Another choice you get to make is the color of your O-rings. Select clear, blue, or red as they suit your silver, black, blue, or pink iStick. The Melo 2 is no better than many tanks with sub ohm capacity, airflow control, and temperature control compatibility. Eleaf’s tank is simple, solid, and affordable, however, for someone who doesn’t mind leaving DIY coil building to other people.

Buy The Melo 2: http://www.directvapor.com

Eleaf MELO 2