The best tanks for TC (temperature control) vaping were designed specifically for that purpose or with the new wave of TC mods in mind. Some designers were thinking ahead.

The following list starts with three temperature control tanks and the other two in this list are adaptable hybrid tanks. All of the products featured here come from reliable manufacturers and are available from lots of reputable dealers at reasonable prices: under $40 for sure.



This is one of the most popular products in all categories, and especially for people who want to create large plumes of vapor.

The first stand out feature of the TFV4 are the triple and quadruple coil heads, which leaves a variety of options to help you get the perfect vape experience, and it has a nice 5ml e-juice capacity.

It also has an easy top-filling design for when you do need to add more e-liquid. This kit comes with 3 coils, and an extra glass tube.



Uwell Crown

Crown by Uwell

Uwell keeps things simple and features two beautifully crafted tanks, the Crown and the Rafale. The Rafale has been met with mixed reviews, but the Crown has essentially been a smash hit, and it is a beautiful tank.

The Crown is a top fill tank, hold 4 ml of e-juice, used quartz for the glass tube, and comes with an Ni200 coil for TC vaping.

It actually comes with 3 coils, which is a nice touch, as many tanks only come with 3. It is a gorgeous tank, with pretty much a perfect airflow restriction, and of coure, the ability to produce some sweet clouds.

Uwell Crown TC Tank


Smoktech TCT – Sub Ohm, TC Beauty


SMOK seems to have picked up on the idea of TC vaping early on. Their first temperature control tank, the 5.5-ml TCT, comes with OCDV coils (organic cotton, dual vertical) rated 0.15 ohms.

Use it with a Sigelei Mini Book or one of SMOK’s own mods like the Micro 80W. Coils are temperature-rated.

Airflow top and bottom enables vapers to control temperature and draw precisely for a smooth experience and complete flavor customization. Each kit contains a glass wide bore drip tip, pre-installed 0.15-ohm Ni200 coils, extra O-rings in black and red, and is also compatible with stainless steel 0.15-ohm coil.



Sense Herkles Hydra TC Tank

Sense Tech Hydra Tanks

This tank is a little narrower than the SMOK TCT (20 mm as opposed to 22 mm wide) and utilizes a top-fill system for ease and cleanliness. It’s also tiny with only 2 ml capacity, but the top-fill feature makes up for it.

Add more e juice every hour if you want without going to any trouble. Apply 1.8-ohm coils for low- to mid-watt vaping and 0.2-ohm coils made from Ni200 when you are in TC mode. The wide bore tip is insulated with Delrin and Sense supplies an extra glass tube.

Sense Herkles Hydra TC Tank


Eleaf Melo 2 Temperature Control Tank

MELO 2 Atomizer

Eleaf’s addition to the TC market was one of the early tanks not to be filled from the bottom. Add e juice from the side: different, easy, and handy when you aren’t ready to dismantle the whole system.

Special vertical EC coil heads made from Ni200 Nickel, Kanthal, and Titanium make this a flexible 4.5-ml unit. Inside, a chimney helps to prevent you from accidentally flooding your atomizer.

Eleaf had their own iStick mods in mind but 510-threading is virtually universal among box mods. Choose a Sigelei 75W, the eVic VTC, or a SMOK XCube 80W.

Coils for the Eleaf iJust 2, Aspire Atlantis and Triton are compatible with the Eleaf Melo 2. Handle 80 watts no problem and high temperatures as well with your 0.15-ohm nickel coils. For 0.5 ohms, Titanium options are suitable. O-rings in blue and red are also supplied with the set.

Eleaf Melo 2 Temperature Control Tank


UD Zephyrus

UD Zephyrus Sub-Ohm Dual Coil Tank

The Zephyrus by UD features another top-fill unit: you need that at sub ohms and high watts where e juice literally disappears into thin air. Two airflow valves measure 3 x 6.5 mm for maximum airflow when you want it.

JOCC 0.3-ohm dual coil heads facilitate high temperatures and build great clouds. Japanese organic cotton is the superior material for clean vapor. A heat-sink adapter reduces heat loss.

Use the RBA deck to wrap coils for TC vaping your way. There’s a stainless steel tip in the kit plus your 0.3-ohm coil, ceramic base, and RBA deck plus some extra O-rings.

Ud Zephyrus


Kanger TopTank Mini

Toptank Minis

The Toptank series is popular and versatile in three sizes, but I like this one best because it’s a nice medium size, and holds a sufficient 4 ml of liquid. Though created for sub ohm setups, the Toptank Mini can easily be adapted to TC vaping with the Ni coil and the use of its RBA deck.

Now this can be filled from the top, which is the major factor that sets this apart from the wildly popular Subtank Mini.

Kanger bucks the trend: their 510 contact pin is no longer flexible: it’s set. There is a view among vapers that fixed pins create more consistent electrical conduction.

The Toptank will arrive with a 0.15 ohm Ni20 SSOCC head installed, a glass tube, stainless steel top and bottom caps, and the latest airflow control valves from Kanger. Your box will also contain a 0.5-ohm coil if you would like to use VW mode.

Toptank Mini 26.99 With Coupon DNA10


Vaporfi Edge TC Tank

VaporFi Edge TC Tank

First off, this has a 7ml capacity! This is a sub-ohm and TC tank from Vaporfi.

It comes with 3 coils, a 0.5 ohm, 0.2 ohm and a 0.2ohm Ni200.

The Edge has all the features you need and is recommended for up to 80 watts. Vaporfi incorporates an advanced cooling system, and of course it also has adjustable airflow.

Vaporfi Edge TC Tank


How Does A Temperature Control Tank Differ From A Sub Ohm Tank?

Vape mod users are faced with these options: select a sub ohm atomizer tank or a TC tank which is capable of Variable Wattage and Temperature Control activity. While either one can be used on either sort of tank, only the latter is useful in temperature control mode unless a VW tank comes with an optional RBA. Those are the standard differences, but we will look more closely.

SMOK TFV4Sub Ohm Tanks

Experienced vapers want to chase clouds; blow huge banks of vapor suitable to fog-in an entire room and its occupants. While they obtain a strange kind of pleasure from changing the weather indoors, these people can only get their kicks with coils rated below 1 ohm.

The usual sub ohm tank comes with coils rated 0.5 ohms or lower: anything higher is not officially classified as a sub ohm tank. Sub ohm coils are organized in such a way that e juice does not get caught in the coils or gum-up the cotton.

The very best tanks contain organic cotton coil which will not release grey material into the air or your lungs as temperatures grow higher and vaporize anything in their way. They are made from pure material.

Lesser materials succumb to high heat and a vape mod can reach 600F, which is one reason you wouldn’t vape with a plastic or acrylic tank. These would become hot enough to release bad-tasting, nasty-smelling, potentially toxic fumes.

Like a Temperature Control tank, the bottom cap of a sub ohm tank is fitted with an airflow control valve to promote customization of draw, flavor, and temperature. Many of the newest such tanks also feature a top-fill hole so you don’t have to unthread tank and mod in order to add more juice.

What is Temperature Control Vaping?

In order to understand TC tanks, you need to know what Temperature Control vaping is. The first box mods and high-watt devices allowed vapers to adjust voltage or watts. A microchip in the device handled voltage based on resistance if you wanted to control watts, so there was less math to do; no chart to consult.

The process was automatic unless you operated in variable voltage mode. Newer temperature controlled units offer a new set of parameters: choose the temperature you want to vape at; how hot or cool you wish your vapor to be.

If the vaper selects TC mode, his device automatically chooses wattage to accommodate that selection, raising or lowering that value throughout the session as the vaper raises or lowers his temperature selection; usually lowering it after a time because less power is needed in order for a specialized coil to stay hot.

Special Temperature Control Coils

There is a proviso for running a mod in a temperature control setting: the atomizer has to contain coils suitable for this purpose. They will be efficient Nickel 200 or Titanium coils and your choices of setting might even reflect which one you opt for (Ni or Ti setting, for instance). Some mods just offer the “TC” and it does not matter which coil is installed as long as it is a temperature-sensitive one as opposed to Kanthal.

Firmware on these high-tech mods detects resistance as always (they do this on VW mods too) but also material. They know if you are trying to fool the system with a Kanthal installation. Don’t even bother: your mod will refuse to operate or you will have to switch back to Variable Wattage.

When you switch over to VW operation, the device still controls temperature, at least to the extent that it won’t go past the maximum rating of around 600F in most cases. The eVic VTC by Joye and the Sigelei Fuchai are two temperature control mods getting a lot of press right now; bestsellers in the industry.

Recommended Wattage

When manufacturers promote their TC tanks they also offer recommendations for maximum wattage using particular coil heads supplied with or available for their products. You might be surprised to see a low maximum output of under 100 watts recommended for many of these coil builds, but your temperature is not dependent on high watts.

A 200-watt system might reach 600F more quickly than a 60-watt one, but the latter will still get there and maintain 600F consistently. Therefore, it’s not necessary to buy a 200-watt TC device. If you prefer Kanthal or Nichrome and are satisfied operating in Variable Watt mode most of the time, then 200 watts is more of a draw. Besides, lots of vapers just love the idea of owning something that powerful whether they try to harness that power much of the time or not.

Smok TCTsNumerous Top-Quality Temperature Control Tanks

You might say that any RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) or RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) has the potential to be a Temperature Control tank. If a tank comes with an RBA head, it can be adapted to this purpose while RDAs built with suitable coils are ideal.

The TFV4 by SMOK was not originally designed for this purpose but can be used for TC functionality easily, thanks to one of the biggest coil menus around. SMOK’s TCT (Temperature Control Tank) was obviously aimed at the TC market.

The same is true for a Horizon Arctic V8 with its long list of coil options. A Zephyrus V2 by Youde contains a ceramic cup to help e juice maintain its temperature and promote more efficient, cleaner vaporization.

A Sigelei Elite Tank V2 is ready to vape in TC mode as soon as it arrives. You can use it with both Variable Watt and Temperature Control mods but its Ni200 OCC coils are compatible with a run of 70 watts or less.

The Sense Hydra, a Herakles upgrade, was designed for temperature control vaping. The top-fill system is sensible and you see this feature more frequently than ever with sub ohm accessories. Its 20 mm diameter is unusually narrow, compatible with narrow 50-watt Temperature Control builds.

These are just a few possibilities, not including the numerous elegant RDAs, many of which are made by hand by CNC machinists, artistically engraved, and collectible.


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